The desert night sky. Andy sits with his friend Ken and reads a letter form his wife Cathy. The letter makes him happy but he misses her also.


Music & Lyrics by Alfred J.Bollebakker

Copyright Bayze Entertainment Company

I remember walking down that lane

I know it wont come back again

The last time that I touched your face

It was to wipe your tears away

All the stars in the sky

On this desert night

Cannot be compared

To your big brown eyes

This crazy war , we are fools

But you know Cathy , I love you

When I read your letter , then your close

I cherish each word that you wrote

Sometimes I'm scared , just asking why

This Desert Storm , too many die

.... To be continued ......

Andy died during the Desert Storm Operation in 1991. His daughter, Andee, that he has never seen in now 24 years...what is her dream? This year we will ask her and her mother if she's willing to co-operate to this story.

This song was written at the time that Cathy was pregnant of her child. Now she is 24 years and living in Norman USA.

The Story of Cathy and Andy.