Forget about Original Sin!

It's time for Original Love or BSI !

Roll out of Desertstorm

Phase 1

Planning: Q4-23/Q2-24

A Fairytale For Everyone starts with One Magic Christmas

Desert Storm contains 3 stories, all about love and the struggle of realizing yourself. In story 1 God/Allah himself enters in our world with Gabriel, the forgotten Lucifer and the Beast of the Revelation to guide the world to peace and prosperity in a humorous way

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Phase 2

Planning: Q3-24/Q4-30

Desert Storm, the musical, contains not only dance, rock and blues but also orchestral and big band songs. It is entertaiment for and with the audience with great dancers in all styles.

Story 1:The beginning or what really happened in Paradise!

Chapter 1: Prologue, G’ah and Gabriel in heaven

Scene description:

War Song from Napoleontic period with snare drum and Irish war drum. Take the Bolero as an example from soft to hard. Spanish guitar, violins, choir. About 7 minutes. On screens images from the past until now.

Song begins with starting rifs (3x ) of Joan Osborne’s song “ One of us”

( of course after Joan’s permission )

ON THE BATTLEFIELD, starting song of Desert Storm

( For all soldiers on all battlefields. Their battles will be rewarded soon )

Way down the horizon

between those gray dark hills

Men woke up, the sun is risin'

Soon they start marchin' in still

A man walks on full of sorrow

his thoughts on his unborn son

Will he live to see his boy grow

or will he be killed in the front

One more river to cross

Who will grieve for the loss

At noon they'll all pray for God's shield

On the battlefield

His wife he left in the valley

His seed grows in her womb

Her hair's like gold ,she's so pretty

Will he return to her soon

Young men with guns on their shoulders

Each one his own destiny

The sound of drums is gettin' louder

Tomorrow It's all history

One more river to cross

Who will grieve for the loss

At noon they'll all pray for God's shield

On the battlefield

Scene: Music stops at the climax. The Stage turns into blue.

Scene: G’ah and Gabriel in heaven talking about earth.

“Dear Lord” Gabriel said, “What shall we do with mankind? We have done everything we could but still they’re blind for the messages we have sent. I hear too many children crying, too many men and woman in agony, too many beasts and trees in despair.

[God is playing on a guitar while listening to Gabriel, a smoking cigarette in the ash tray and whiskey with ice on the table ]

“Yes Gabriel, I’m worried too. But you know that in the end everything will be all right, but I admit that the suffering is too heavy now. I think that I will intervene myself. Was my quest too difficult for  mankind Gabriel?”

I don’t know my lord. Maybe it’s not the difficulty but the temptation to take another road and also the money they’ve created and the lacking of patience and endurance.

Yes, yes I know Gabriel, I’ve been there you know, with Moses and the Five commandments. “Ten, Milord” Gabriel interrupted. “What did you say Gabriel? Did I honestly made ten commandments? Yes, Milord, and I remember that it took you a very long time to make it. “And it didn’t help” the Lord sighs. “But Milord, do you remember  all ten commandments?” Gabriel asks. “Eeh, no not all, Gabriel, but you know that I’m busy lately. I remember a few,  no killing, no stealing, eeh, eeh. Gabriel waved with his hands in the air and said: “Milord if you can’t remember the commandments made by yourself what do you expect of mankind?”

Common Gabriel, don’t be so hard on me. You know that I’ve been very busy the last years.

With what Milord, if I may ask, said Gabriel ( a little bit annoyed ). That I can’t tell you Gabriel. It’s a surprise for you all. Oh, Gabriel said “a surprise” ( Looks cynical ) And a happy surprise, the Lord laughed. Oh, Gabriel sighs, a happy surprise. ( head down, more cynical ). But what do we do with mankind than. Shall I erase them so you can create a new sort with bigger ears, smaller mouth and more willpower( looks cynical at the Lord ).  Now, now Gabriel, Don’t be so hard on them. Despite of their stubbornness I do like them. They do learn me a lot you know. When you are eternal you must sometimes forget, otherwise it will be a hell for me here in heaven.

Yes, yes Gabriel says But what do we do with mankind? Ok Gabriel let me think ( and the Lord plays the guitar ( not so very well ) ) Then suddenly: Eeh about willpower... I do remember throwing someone to earth in the beginning of creation .. you know ... the story of the apple [ Gabriel frowns his eyebrows ] .... Adam?.. said the Lord [ Gabriel frowns his eyebrows ] and Eve?? [ Gabriel looks if he just don’t know ] Common Gabriel. You can’t say that you don’t remember Eve? [ The Lord knows that Gabriel had a crush on her ]

“Oh , the one that wants to be like you, eeeh Lucifer” Gabriel said. Maybe, through him, I can make everything alright again, the Lord said.

“Why through Lucifer? ” Gabriel asked, “He created this chaos!”.  “So, let him uncreate it” the Lord said. “But how ?Even You and I cannot do it” Gabriel said. “Oh yes I can” Said the Lord. “No, you can’t” said Gabriel while looking seriously at the Lord. The Lord smiled, smokes his cigarette and drinks his whiskey. “mmm”he said, “good inventions of mankind!” Gabriel just shook his head. The Lord laughed. Gabriel, he said, “you are right. If I intervene, we are all lost”. “So erase them now and start from scratch, milord? “ Gabriel said “It will only take a minute”[cynical]. But the Lord was in thought, playing badly on his guitar.

“And besides, we can’t even find Lucifer” Gabriel said. “And if we do find him he will not even want to talk with You. You know he is a stubborn angel.” The Lord still tickles on his guitar, trying to play something. “Did you hear me, Milord? Gabriel said. [ The Lord is still in thought and suddenly… ].

“Call The Beast Gabriel!” the Lord said. Gabriel startled. “Do you want me to call Satan? That slacker? That womanizer? Why Milord? [Hands in the air from despair].

Just call him Gabriel  [ with a reassuring look ]. Gabriel walked to the phone and dials a number..

At this moment the scene moves to Satan’s house where he sleeps between 2 devilish women. The song Hot Summernights starts, begins with a contrabass and ends with a big band. A dancing and singing Satan ( looking as a Beast ) with hot women. When the song stops the phone rings.

HOT SUMMERNIGHTS ( All rights Bayze Int.)

Cm , F, C [ Bes ]

Evrytime I'm workin doin my nine to five

I'm longin for the days , when livin gets lazy

I know it's comin nearer , and I'm gettin alive

Rain and windy days are drivin me crazy

I'm savin my money for a sunny night

I like hot summernights

I like hot summernights

Real cool wine and a girl

Thats allright

I like the ladies walkin the boulevard

Their suntanned skin , is drivin me wild

I must stop dreamin , I know it's gettin hard

Many weeks I must wait inside

My time will come as soon as temperature rise

I like hot summernights

I like hot summernights

Real cool wine and a girl

Thats allright


Satan takes up the phone and says: “With Satan the Beast”.

With Gabriel! ( on the other side of the phone ). Satan suddenly sends the (devilish)women away, straighten himself and says: “Oh, hello, Gabriel. It’s a long time the we have been talking to each other, about…….6 thousand years?

“It’s NOT my idea to call you Satan” Gabriel says “but it is the Lord who wants you. “The Lord wants to speak with me?” Satan says nervously. He knows that if the Lord wants him it’s serious. “Hello Satan” the Lord says, “how are you”. “I’m all right Milord” Satan says, “Just playing the blues and making fun”. “And how are you doing Milord”. Well Satan, I’m a little troubled with mankind. “I can imagine” Satan says, “but what can you do?”. “Well” the Lord says. “I can bring in my Joker”. “your Joker?” Satan says. The Lord laughs and says “Yes you Satan!” “Who me?” Satan says. “I know what you did a long time ago Satan” the Lord says. “Wh.. what did I do, Milord” Satan stutters. 

But Satan did remember the last time he spoke with the Lord, after he seduces Eve to eat the apple. The Lord was very angry. “How could you do it” the Lord says. But the Lord knows that The Beast has not acted on his own, its not in his nature. “Well, Satan?” the Lord says looking at him very seriously. “ee, eeh” Satan mumbles “It was Lucifer’s idea”. “Ah, Lucifer again” the Lord says. He knows how Lucifer works. “And what was the deal, Satan” the Lord says. “Wh .., what deal Milord? Satan mumbles. “Common Satan, I know Lucifer. What did he promised you”. “That I cannot tell you Milord”, Satan says. “Lucifer will otherwise be furious”. “Ah” the Lord says “seeeecrets, and that in heaven!”. “But Satan, may I ask you why Lucifer wanted you to seduce Eve to eat the apple?” the Lord says. “Take an educated guess Milord” Satan says with blinking eyes. “Okay” the Lord says, “because they are the crown of my Creation?”. “Whoaa” Satan laughs ( almost choking ) after a while….”Bad guess Milord”. “Guess again Milord”. “Mmm” the Lord was thinking very hard. “Give me a hint, Satan”. “Common Milord, do you need a hint. Didn’t you see it” Satan says. “See what, Satan” the Lord says. “See Lucifer’s eyes when Eve passes him by”. The Lord starts to think deeply, then as if he woke up “Oh no, not Lucifer also” the Lord says. “hm” Satan says “don’t forget me”. “You also, the Lord says. “What did I do by creating Eve” the Lord sighs.

Ok Satan, can you come to my house asap. The two of us have something to settle.” Alright Milord, how about in the afternoon” Satan answered. Looks good to me, see you Satan”the Lord says. “see you Milord” Satan says, then he broke? the connection. Damned he said “Now I’ve mega trouble…… but…. ( he began to smile ) maybe ….?


Day 8 of Creation

Scene in Heaven: Satan and God talkin

"But Lord” Satan says, “that’s long ago. Everything is different now.”. “That I can see, Satan” the Lord says “but do you see what I see”. “Yes I see it Mylord” Satan says “but what can I do. It’s the result of day 8 of your Creation”. “Day 8 of my creation?” The Lord was very surprised.”How can in it be I did it all in 7 days”. Satan laughed and said “You added day 8 AFTER you have banned Adam, Eve and Lucifer from Paradise into Earth. And then you erased it from your mind . “Erased it from my mind. Holy Mother Mary, now we are in real trouble” the Lord says. “I’m not finished Milord. You erased it from your mind after you’ve told me what you have created in day 8, Satan says. “Oeh, thanks heaven  the Lord says, my backup system. The Lord took Satan apart and whispered " And what did I created on day 8 Satan”. Aah Satan says, as always there’s a price Milord. "This is a stupid situation Satan. Me, the Lord buying back my own creation" says the Lord. “It’s not my decision Milord, you did it yourself” Satan answered. “ok,ok Mention your price Satan” says the Lord. Satan hesitated a little and then says “I, I, I, …. do miss Lucifer, Milord. Can you bring him back into heaven. 6000 thousand years of exile is a little bit long don’t you agree”. The Lord eyes shines, he was pleased that Satan the Beast did think of Lucifer. That’s what he wants of his creation,to take care of each other. "Yes, Satan" the Lord says " let us make a change. Tell me what I did in day 8". “Eehh I want also something for myself Milord", Satan says. “Let me guess Satan, you want some extra women” the Lord says. "Only two" Milord Satan says "I can’t help it. It’s my nature. “I know Satan” the Lord says "When I created you something went wrong. You only look like a human, but in fact you are a Beast, a talking Beast. But I never regret that day Satan.”

Satan was a little bit emotional “Thank you Milord” Satan says .

Than the Lord says:"Tell me quickly Satan, tell me about day 8 of creation".

And Satan says:"Ok Milord I will recite you:

And God said, so you Milord said:

Let there be Time, and there was Time.

Let Time rule the earth and the heavens, except on Lucifer,

until it’s nature is revealed: and God, so you Milord, saw that it was good.

The Lord looks a little worried and said : Did I tell you the nature of Time also, Satan? "No Milord, You didn’t" says Satan " I asked for it but you said it was your secret since everyone seems to have secrets in the beginning of Creation and you wanted a secret of your own". “Didn’t I gave you a hint” the Lord said. "No Milord" saya Satan "but maybe you should look in the books inspired by you" be continued with the story "One Magic Christmas" for a happy end for everyone, everywhere, everytime !



Love Train Version from Theatr'el , Etten-Leur, The Netherlands. This is the endsong of Desert Storm Musical.

Check raggea versions from Rachel and Dance version on Spotity